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Agroha was a Republican State consisting of 18 state units. The residents of this states were known as Yodhya and Agraya .Some of the writings on the coins that have been excavated from the site of ancient Agroha read as 'Yodhyanam Bahu Dhanya Kanam','Yodhya Ganasya Jaya', 'Yodhyanam Jaimantra Shalinam'. The Agroha republic was renowned for its bravery and prosperity. However over the time it could not stand the foreign invasions of Hunas, Greeks and Yavanas, who invaded the north India disintegrating various kingdoms in Punjab.

The disintegrated Agroha led to the migration of the residents of Agroha to other parts of the country viz Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Malwa, however they derieved a common name Aggarwals ie. AGROHA-WALE. Principal : Simple and practical principles were laid down for the equality, love & affection among people of the domain. He was the first ruler who established socialism in his regime. He taught that if any person wants to settle in his kingdom every family of his kingdom will provide 'one Rupee & one brick' as a gift to him. In this way the new coming family will become equal to the status of other family of the kingdom and would run his business very conveniently, therefore, no one was unemployed in his regime and everyone was having their own shelter.

There could be no other better practical principal of socialism of humanity than this. These principal became practical in his kingdom, as give and take was the formula in the life of every ordinary residents. Neither the receiver felt shamed nor the donator felt proud. Feeling of social welfare and brotherhood was the fundamental of the principal. There was no place for corruption or selfishness in the kingdom. The development of the kingdom and life of people were completely based on agriculture, trade & dairy. His belief in nonviolence did not mean non-resistance to oppression, rather he promoted self defence. According to him self protection and national defence were not the task of only kshatryas - the warrior caste, rather it is the duty of each citizen to protect and safeguard his motherland.
Srimad Bhagvad Katha Navaratri Bhajans Sri Agrasenji ki Aarti

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